Student Life



Mustang Football

Lady Mustang Basketball

McDonald Middle School 7th grade girls 2018-2019 Basketball Schedule

11/12  MON   5:30     MCDONALD VS TERRY                       7 B/A               @ MCDONALD

11/28  WED    5:30     WILKINSON VS MCDONALD              7 B/A               @ WILKINSON           

12/3    MON   5:30     MCDONALD VS AGNEW                    7 B/A               @ MCDONALD          

12/10  MON   5:30     FRASIER VS MCDONALD                    7 B/A               @ FRASIER

12/17  MON   5:30     MCDONALD VS NEW                         7 B/A               @ MCDONALD

1/14    MON   5:30     KIMBROUGH VS MCDONALD            7 B/A               @ KIMBROUGH         

1/28    MON   5:30     MCDONALD VS BERRY                       7 B/A               @ MCDONALD

2/4      MON   5:30     VANSTON VS MCDONALD                 7 B/A               @ VANSTON

McDonald Middle School 8th grade girls 2018-2019 Basketball Schedule

11/12  MON   5:30     TERRY VS MCDONALD                       8 B/A               @ TERRY

11/29  MON   5:30     WILKINSON VS MCDONALD              8 B/A               @ WILKINSON

12/6    TH        5:30     MCDONALD VS AGNEW                    8 B/A               @ MCDONALD

12/13  TH        5:30     FRASIER VS MCDONALD                    8 B/A               @ FRASIER

12/20  TH        5:30     MCDONALD VS NEW                         8 B/A               @ MCDONALD

1/17    TH        5:30     KIMBROUGH VS MCDONALD            8 B/A               @ KIMBROUGH

1/31    TH        5:30     MCDONALD VS BERRY                       8 B/A               @ MCDONALD

2/4      MON   5:30     MCDONALD VS VANSTON                 8 B/A               @ MCDONALD

MMS Volleyball

MMS Boys' Basketball

McDonald Middle School 7th grade boys 2018-2019 Basketball Schedule

11/28  WED    5:30     MCDONALD VS WILKINSON              7 B/A               @ MCDONALD

12/3    MON   5:30     AGNEW VS MCDONALD                    7 B/A               @ AGNEW

12/10  MON   5:30     MCDONALD VS FRAISER                    7 B/A               @ MCDONALD

12/17  MON   5:30     NEW VS NEW                                     7 B/A               @ NEW

1/14    MON   5:30     MCDONALD VS KIMBROUGH            7 B/A               @ MCDONALD

1/28    MON   5:30     BERRY VS MCDONALD                       7 B/A               @ BERRY                        

2/7      MON   5:30     MCDONALD VS VANSTON                 7 B/A               @ MCDONALD

2/11    MON   5:30     TERRY VS MCDONALD                       7 B/A               @ TERRY

McDonald Middle School 8th grade boys 2018-2019 Basketball Schedule

11/29  TH        5:30     MCDONALD VS WILKINSON              8 B/A               @ MCDONALD

12/6    TH        5:30     AGNEW VS MCDONALD                    8 B/A               @ AGNEW

12/13  TH        5:30     MCDONALD VS FRASIER                    8 B/A               @ MCDONALD

12/20  TH        5:30     NEW VS MCDONALD                         8 B/A               @ NEW

1/17    TH        5:30     MCDONALD VS KIMBROUGH            8 B/A               @ MCDONALD 

1/31    TH        5:30     BERRY VS MCDONALD                       8 B/A               @ BERRY        

2/7      TH        5:30     VANSTON VS MCDONALD                 8 B/A               @ VANSTON

2/11    MON   5:30     MCDONALD VS TERRY                       8 B/A               @ MCDONALD

Mustang Tennis

Cross Country

Cross Country

Boys 2018-2019 McDonald Mustangs Cross Country

Date                                 Time                              Location

11/14                          7th @3:00 / 8th @3:30              Eastfield College 

11/28                         7th @3:00 / 8th @3:30               Eastfield College 

12/5                         7th @3:00 / 8th @3:30                Eastfield College 

*12/12                     * 7th @3:00 / 8th @3:30              *Eastfield College 

  • Indicates District meet 



Battle of the Books

Meeting preparation for our Battle of the Books team. 
Room: Library
Times: 3:40-4:30

Beyblade Club

Battle with Beys otherwise known as top spinners and have fun competing with others in this game of physics 
Room: C136
Dates: 1st, 2nd, 4th Thursday
Times: 3:40-4:20


Light snacks will be provided.
Room: 119
Dates: 1st & 3rd Monday each month
Times:  ​3:40-4:10

Caroling Club

From Thanksgiving to Winter Break

Club M.M.A.D

Welcome to Club M.M.A.D. (Mustangs Making a Difference)
Sponsored by Officer Cook and Mr. Catchings

Dates:  First Wednesday each month (Begins Dec 5th)
Times:  3:45-4:00
Room: E146 (Mr. Catchings TechLab)

About: We will discuss Law and Crime Stopper information.  We will also being discussing Digital Citizenship, safety on the internet, the do's and don't...and what to watch out for.

Coffee Club

Come and meet up for a cup of hot cocoa and discuss topics on your mind.
Room: C136
Dates: 3rd Thursday of each month
Times: 3:30-4:30

Comedy Club

Jokes, laughs, Improv and more
Room: B184
Dates: Tuesdays
Times: 3:40 - 4:30


Fellowship of Christian Athletes 
bible studies/community service/character building
Room: Library
Dates: Fridays
​Times: During Zero Period

Game Night

Family game night with a different game each time. 
Room: C132
Dates: 1st and 3rd Tuesday each month
Times: 3:40- 4:30

Gamer's Club

Students will meet after school to discuss gaming, designing, and history. 

Room: F001
Dates: 1st & 3rd Thursdays
Times:  ​3:40-4:30

Green Team

Dates: 1st and 3rd Tuesdays
Room: C143
​Times: 3:45-4:30

Maker's Club

Maker's Club
Designing, creating, and collaborating using the Makerspace. ​
​Room: Library
Dates: Wednesdays
Times: 7:50-8:25

Men & Ladies of Honor

Meet every Wednesday Morning starting Nov. 7th from 7:45-8:20
Men of Honor meets in D119
Ladies of Honor meets in D118


Teams that will compete in First Lego League, TCEA Competition, Mesquite ISD Hackathon
Room: E147
Dates: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Times: 3:35

Soccer Club

Room: Old football field OR gym
Dates: Every other Friday
Times:  ​3:50-4:30

Step Team

Step Team
The step team will be composed of students that are interested in learning step routines, being leaders on campus and performing at campus events. Sponsors will also focus on mentoring and building positive relationships with young female students as well as helping them build positive relationships with one another.
Every Tuesday
Meets in Cafeteria


Students will complete project based activities and will find ways to serve their school and community. Open to all students. 
Room: Mrs. Towner's Room
Dates: Tuesday, Every other Tuesday, or on event days
Times: ​3:40-4:30

Uno Club

Room: Library
Dates: Wednesdays
Times: ​3:45-4:45

Yearbook Club

Open to 8th grade students who want to help create and sell our yearbook!
Room: Lab 188
Dates: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Times: 7:50-8:20, 3:40-4:45